So, you would like content removed from the site.

How do you go about that... (Fill Out A Support Ticket)

STEP 1. Submit a ticket (here), or select New Support Ticket.

STEP 2. Enter In (Removal Request) as your reference.

STEP 3. Select Membership status

STEP 4. Provide a valid email that you can be reached at.

STEP 5.  Enter Your Name

STEP 6. If you are a member, input your username

STEP 7. Leave Phone Information (In case further information is required).

STEP 8. Enter Subject/Issue

STEP 9. *IMPORTANT (For removal request, enter in the link of the acutal topic, or url to the page featuring the content

              you would like removed. This means the specific url.

Example Link/Url:

STEP 10. Enter a brief description and submit ticket.

*Not providing the url or link to the topic could prolong the removal process.