II can't See Videos!


 Usually when you cannot see videos it is one of three issues or a combination of the three.

 1. Incompatible Browser

 2. Plugins Blocking Media Content

 3. Flash Player (Not Installed, Not Updated, or Corrupted)

S/N: Homegrownfreaks uses a HTML5 player for its media content, with flash video as a backup.

SFollow these steps to troubleshoot your issues. 

1. Browser 

-We recommend using Google's Chrome Browser for interacting with the community and viewing media content. Chrome is HTML5 compliant, as well as it also supports the latest version of Adobe Flash. If you are already using Chrome, we suggest checking your plugins and clearing your cache. After that, restart your PC.

2. Plugins Blocking Media Content

-Whether your using Chrome, or any other browsers, plugins tend to block or interfere with other things like the video/media player. The solution should be fixed by switching to chrome desktop browser, but if it was not, check your browsers plugins and disable them. Once disabled, try to view media. Then enable your content one by one.

3. Flash Player (Not Installed, Not Updated, or Corrupted)

-While Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome support Adobe Flash, there is always the potential for corruption or other problems. Check to see if your browser has the latest version of Adobe Flash. If it does not, go ahead in download it and install it. Once installed, clear your cache and try again. But as a helpful tip, this can be avoided by using Chrome, because of its compatibility with your HTML5 player.